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EvoSwim³ ®

Evolution Swimming is the continuous progression toward high efficiency and performance.

Imagine you could swim like the current Chinese World Record holder in 1500m! What does it cost you NOT to initiate the change today? EvoSwim³ decoded the World Record into drills and mental visualizations for you, so that it is accessible to everyone, even to you!

THE unique training system which delivers you the needed technique, rhythm and mental conditioning in swimming. Therefore an uncompromising, precise and continuous improvement in your crawl swim is established, with exceptional high emotion of achievements. You learn the tools how to use physics and all your senses, listen and act based on them, here and now. Empower and energize your swim and invest in technique for perfect motoric control and lean, mean performance results. Visualize and focus in small sequences for effective biofeedbacks, loosen your ego to benefit fully from neuro-feedback learning effects. Seamless transitions from drills to unleashed swimming. Invest in your technique and you will earn an experience for a lifetime.

EvoSwim³ ® - Stay focused!

EvoSwim³ ® - Start doing it the way you always wanted to, today!

Swim Evolution by Favre

Awards & Recognition -
Road to success with EvoSwim³ ®

The Awards are earned based on the efficiency index which is calculated upon the visit of one of the programs. You will be part of the official EvoSwim³ ® - Efficiency Index Ranking this keeps you going to fulfill your goals.

Levels of accomplishments:

EvoSwim³ - Challenger (green belt)

Drills - 9 easy and fluent swim drills with the option of some additional challenging once. Successful attendance and Efficiency Index Points above 7 will be awarded as "Challenger".

EvoSwim³ - Pro (orange belt)

Conditioning - Bring all the sensations from the drills back together for extra confidence and get the wanted performance in your crawl swim. Successful attendance and Efficiency Index Points above 6 up to equal 7 will be awarded as "Pro".

EvoSwim³ - Master (black belt)

Unleashing your torque - Unleash the full potential of your skills in water for efficient high pace swimming. Successful attendance and Efficiency Index Points below and equal 6 will be awarded as "Master".

EvoSwim³ Awards

EvoSwim³ ® - Efficiency Index

How do I measure my efficiency?

Definition: Efficient swimming means that the equation Stroke Length (SL) x Stroke Rate (SR)= Velocity (V) is equally balanced out. In other words, to keep a constant high Velocity (Pace) I need to be able to maximize the Stroke Length and Stroke Rate. If either is jeopardized Velocity will decrease.

With every stroke a swimmer tends to lose on Stroke Length when increasing the Stroke Rate. With EvoSwim³ you can keep both intact. How? By keeping focused and the needed rhythmic EvoSwim³ - Drills. Check your next swim if that is easy or not! Try to repeat that in your whole Training.

So, the EvoSwim³ - Award will reflect your performance in the conquest of keeping numbers high of the Stroke Length and Stroke Rate Ratio, to achieve the highest pace (Velocity) possible. This is achieved by using the unique EvoSwim³ - Efficiency Index (weighted). Measurement will take place in a 25m pool. This actual optimal condition is the basis to train at in your future, so that you progress in a most efficient way. By the time you train this basis, you will move constantly to a new index basis. You will never decline in performance anymore as you have experienced your very personal efficiency basis.

The EvoSwim³ - Efficiency Index Ranking is introduced to reflect your performance of efficiency and comparing you with other swim buddies. This keeps you focused on the true matter of your swim, whatever pace your swimming at.

Work on your Stroke Length first then on your Velocity!

EvoSwim³ ® - Efficiency Index Award Levels

Name Efficiency Index Award 100m Pace Stroke Count SWOFL SL vs. SR Ratio Stroke Length (m) Stroke Rate (S/s) Velocity (m/s) Time 1500m Time 1900m Time 3800m Time 5000m
SwimmerA 5.18 Master 01:28.0 9 31 6.79 2.78 0.41 1.14 22:00 27:52 55:44 01:13:20
SwimmerB 6.41 Pro 01:40.0 11 36 5.17 2.27 0.46 1.04 24:00 30:24 01:00:48 01:20:00
SwimmerC 7.72 Challenger 01:45.0 20 46 1.64 1.25 0.76 0.95 26:15 33:15 01:06:30 01:27:30

* The scale of this index has been chosen in such a way, that most adults will benefit from it to break the barrier of progression.

EvoSwim³ ® - Efficiency Index World Record Style

Name Efficiency Index Award 100m Pace Stroke Count SWOFL SL vs. SR Ratio Stroke Length (m) Stroke Rate (S/s) Velocity (m/s) Time 1500m Time 1900m Time 3800m Time 5000m
* Sun Yang (Pro – WR) 4.29 Master 00:58.7 7 22 7.49 3.571 0.477 1.704 00:14:41 00:18:35 00:37:11 00:48:55
* Ryan Cochrane (Pro 2nd) 4.74 Master 00:58.8 9 24 4.54 2.778 0.612 1.701 00:14.42 00:18:37 00:37:14 00:49:00
* Gregorio Paltrinieri (Pro 3rd) 4.73 Master 00:59.0 10 25 3.69 2.500 0.678 1.695 00:14:45 00:18:41 00:37:22 00:49:10

* World's fastest swimming Athletes over 1500m in a 50m Olympic pool. Scaled down for comparison purposes only. (Data from World Championships BCN 2013)

Official EvoSwim³ ® - Efficiency Index Ranking

Name Efficiency Index Award 100m Pace Stroke Count SWOFL SL vs. SR Ratio Stroke Length (m) Stroke Rate (S/s) Velocity (m/s) Time 1500m Time 1900m Time 3800m Time 5000m
Stéphane Favre - Coach 5.18 Master 01:28.0 9 31 6.79 2.778 0.409 1.136 00:22.00 00:27:52 00:55:44 01:13:20
Desirée 5.40 Master 01:35.0 10 34 5.94 2.500 0.421 1.053 00:23.45 00:30:05 01:00:10 01:19:10
Rami 6.75 Pro 01:43.5 11 37 5.35 2.273 0.425 0.966 00:25:53 00:32:47 01:05:33 01:26:15
Regula 7.09 Challenger 02:10.0 11 44 6.71 2.273 0.338 0.769 00:32:30: 00:41:10 01:22:20 01:48:20
Anders 8.24 Challenger 02:05.0 11 42 6.46 2.273 0.352 0.800 00:31:15: 00:39:35 01:19:10 01:44:10

* The scale of this index has been chosen in such a way, that most adults will benefit from it to break the barrier of progression or just to get to know himself or herself.

More then 10 years of my coaching experience have shown that everybody is able to benefit from mental and technique adaptation with a minimal of energy investment in power and training times. This way you are able to train and swim in a most efficient way!


ESF - EvoSwim³ Fundamentals

Ideal for beginners or advanced swimmers who do want to achieve a reset of their swimming habits and be awarded with the Challenger distinction.

ESTT - EvoSwim³ Technique Training

Ideal for advanced swimmers which have successfully attended ESF program and want to gain the Pro Award by discovering the secret behind generating high pace with the rhythmic EvoStroke (e)motions.

ESUT - EvoSwim³ Unleashed Torque

Admission is only granted to those who attended ESTT program and gained the Pro Award. It will take place once a year at the Top Training Center in Tenerife, Spain. Here you will experience how to unleash your torque towards higher training speeds and higher endurance pace. Minimum of 6 months prior training, based on the Pro Award, is highly recommended and necessary. If you fulfill the individual goals set by yourself and the coach in context of EvoSwim³ and its doctrine of energy.rhythm.speed, you will be awarded with the Master distinction.

Awards - Celebrate your success!

Take the right path and keep going and going. Don't stop to progress. Define your Path you take, Measure your progression with the EvoSwim³ - Efficiency Index, Analyse your ability of your doing in the presence, Improve continuously with the right tools and Control systematicaly your doing by slowing down to swim faster.

All about the awards

Pre-Order the EvoSwim³ - ESF/ESTT efficiency course and show your interest now, without obligation

How it works:

Are you looking for a efficiency course that suits your swimming future? You can't find any date that suits you? The course is seldom held because the lack of participants?

Then pre-order here in the Contact, the efficiency course and show your interest. As soon as there are enough people showing their interest like you, all of you will be contacted to find a common suitable date based on available water times. When dates are set, you will be asked to decide on booking the course.

Private Lessons

You prefer some Private Lessons with your own Personal Swim Coach? Book it also in the shop and I contact you regarding an available schedule.


Training Camp / Week-end

Are you swimming in a club and want to share your efficiency experience with others and improve the common performance or bring new inputs to your standard training habits. Or you just need a coach for your training camp/week-end that you will organize. Get in touch for a customized offer.


Starting with a good feeling

Every Triathlon starts with the water discipline. Maybe it is your first Triathlon or you've participated already in many of them but you stopped progressing and you sometimes have this strange feeling about your swimming. How many times did you blame your swimming or say "I'm glad when the swimming is over!"? Let us transform this feeling and start today making the change to turn it to your most comfortable discipline. Why? Because only the one who focuses and is in control of his race, will be a successful swimmer. How? By building up your positive vibes which will let you succeed. Change your pattern with EvoSwim³ and the full program, up to the Master Level (Black belt) so that you can leverage the performance in swimming, cycling and running! Generate positive emotions so that you gain in confidence with every swim stroke. Experience the evolution of your skills toward your goals you have dreamed of. Everything starts with your thoughts, be focused with EvoSwim³ and enjoy your swimming.

Make the move today...



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